- open file movies.mdb


A – Current User form


  1. Select file language (English and Italian available)
  2. If you’re already a registered user, select your nickname
  3. If you’re a new user, click “add user” and add your nickname
  4. Select the control panel style you prefer (if you’re a beginner you’d better choose “Basic”)
  5. Select languages for movie titles and attributes


View Current User form


B – Control Panel Form


Here you can find some (if Basic) or all (if Full) of the functions of this database

  1. The first function you’ll want to use is probably “Guided Votes”, which allows you to vote quickly all the movies in database, also reporting the percentage completed for each category of movies (look at Tutorial step “C”)
  2. “Votes” is a similar function but a little more advanced and without categories of movies… but it’s probably the main form of the database for managing records (look at Tutorial step “D”)
  3. In “Rankings” you can choose your favourites for each type of ranking
  4. “Viewings” allows you to note when/where/etc… you’ve seen a movie
  5. “Export current user…” allows you to save your data and send it to me by mail. Remember not to delete old file without exporting data before!

Explore other funcions and database analysis (some of them available only from Full panel)


View Control Panel > Basic



View Control Panel > Full


C – Guided Votes Panel Form and Guided Votes Form


The control panel is very easy to use and doesn’t need any explanation. From here you can access Guided Votes Form in which you can:

  1. Complete the ‘Seen’ label (Yes=“seen”, No=“not seen”, More=“seen twice or more”, Bits=“seen a part of it”; please don’t leave “-“ when you check if you’ve seen the movie as “-“ means “not checked”)
  2. Give your Vote
  3. Complete the ‘Have’ label, saying if you have the movies in your collection and in which format
  4. Complete the “ToDo” label, to remind yourself what you have to do about the movie
  5. Choose your Best Cast
  6. Leave your Comment


View Guided Votes Panel



View Guided Votes Form


D – Votes Form


This form, which you can access directly from Control Panel, is an advanced version of Guided Votes Form, which allows you even to give positive or negative attributes to Movies.


View some example of the way you could complete the form “Votes” in some concrete cases

View Votes Form